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Thursday Evening June 15th to Saturday Evening June 17th, 2017.

At Lakeside Resort Condos next to Pineview Reservoir.  Condos are located in Huntsville, UT.

Women; 18 years or older; all fitness levels and running paces welcome

Registrations are non-refundable. You have the option of purchasing a private room package for $399, a shared room package for $299, or participation in the day retreat only (no lodging) for $175.

All levels of running ability are welcome. We are not worried about how fast or slow you are, we just want you to enjoy the weekend and leave a stronger and better prepared runner. We promise you will have someone to run with the entire weekend (no matter your pace) and we guarantee you will build some worthwhile friendships over the course of the retreat too!

It is not necessary that you’ve been exposed to trail running prior to this retreat, although a basic fitness level is recommended. You will have your choice of a pace group (each pace group will have a knowledgeable run leader) so you can choose a pace and distance that best fits your fitness level. Hiking is also an option if you are more comfortable with this option.

We have spared no luxury in the accommodations. Beautifully decorated condos located next to Pineview Reservoir are reserved and ready for our excited retreat runners. And if the inside isn’t amazing enough, the balcony views of the lake and the Wasatch Mountains will leave you breathless. We want the accommodations to be nice enough that you feel like you’re on vacation, but cozy enough that you feel as comfortable as you are in your own home.

If you choose a shared room lodging option, there are rooms that have one king/queen bed for two people to share or two twin beds for one person in each bed. There is approximately one bathroom paired with each room, so you will be sharing a bathroom with your roommates. If you are uncomfortable with sharing a room/bed with someone you haven’t previously met then we suggest grabbing a girlfriend to come with you. Or, we are offering a private room/bathroom option at an additional cost if that suits you better.

Fresh yummy food and snacks will be provided starting with snacks on Thursday night (June 15th) to dinner on Saturday evening (June 17th). Friday evening will most likely be a fancier catered dinner.

We love food. We love how it fuels our bodies so we can do what we love. So with that in mind, we have planned a meal menu that is full of fresh, quality, yummy foods to ensure your tummy is happy for this weekend retreat.

Each condo has a coffee maker. Coffee and alcohol will not be provided, so bring your own if this is part of your weekend routine.